Travel In Europe

Travel EuropeWell, I’ve never lived in America although I even have been there just a few instances now. And I feel that this more than qualifies me to reply this question concerning the good, the dangerous and the ugly sides of dwelling in America and Europe!

I dwell in Poland and spent 6 months in the USA, largely LA and NYC. It’s actually hard to decide on between these two continents. What I did NOT like about America was the meals. In regular American supermarket, the food simply sucks. Even so known as natural meals (which is dear as hell) is inferior to regular European meals. But I cherished American people, they’re very friendly. I’d say Europe is more fascinating land, there’s at all times increasingly to explore, the place in USA there aren’t so many nice locations to go. European persons are totally different, most of them are fairly reserved and not so extrovert. When you are in social gathering temper it is simpler to search out American people to be crazy, but in regular life I really feel extra comfy with European individuals.

They are related and but completely different in their very own methods. They are thought of ‘Western cultures’ because they share a lot European background in widespread, and but they manage to preserve and recreate their id throughout history. Young cultures like those of the United States, Canada, et cetera, are commonly put down by Europeans and others merely due to that: they don’t have any ‘history’; they are ‘younger’. Conversely, many Americans tend to criticize Europe as being backwards, ‘outmoded’ and out of touch with instances as if the United States represented the pinnacle of progress and modernity for mankind. Yes, this nation has contributed a lot and will proceed to, but in no way does that correspond to ‘America’ being the perfect nation in the world.

Travelling Europe right now is very handy resulting from its world famend transportation infrastructure. No matter where you need to go in Europe, you’ll always discover an array of decisions. Thanks to move and customary foreign money and European Union (EU), Europe as we speak is more united than ever, which makes it one of the best vacation vacation spot in world. Just imagine the magic of Europe, here you possibly can travel by so many countries within no time and experience the prominent differences amongst each one so clearly.

As for the adverse aspect of Europe, residents are denied the correct to defend themselves towards deadly drive with a firearm. When your door is kicked in by a crazed meth-head, you shock a burglar in your home or your accosted by a thug on the street, Texans (and most Americans) are allowed to defend themselves and their families. Unfortunately, the police cannot arrive instantly when you phone them as your family is assaulted so now we have to rely ourselves. Furthermore, we’re allowed to protect ourselves towards worst villain in the world’s history; government.