Travel Europe

Travel EuropeEurope is the second smallest of the seven continents on Earth. Australia is the smallest. But Europe is the third most populated continent with more than seven hundred million people. Only Asia and Africa have more folks. The most widely spoken languages in Europe are German, French, English, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Furthermore on costume, America’s popular culture has been poisoned with rap tradition. Awful jewelry, baggy denims worn under arse,” mangled English, ghetto swagger and terrible music. If you want to destroy a tradition, simply dowse it with American rap culture and you may kill it lifeless. I cannot tell you how nice it is in Europe when I see a person of color who clothes normal and after they speak, they don’t sound shrill and every different phrase is not bitch,” ho” and axe” (when they actually imply to say ask”).

America is stuffed with oppurtunities… when you have cash and/or proper schooling(if you happen to take the time to look and compare the U.S. test scores with European nations we score a lot decrease then some would expect). We might seem like we’ve an excellent living with the costs of issues right here, however these of us born poor and keep poor don’t actually expierience something but work and more work. How our culture is growing with the poor vs the wealthy I cannot say is good. More and more jobs are being shipped to different countries due to free commerce between companies. Nickle and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich provides a reasonably good image oh the working class in America.

Japan beats both… But out of the two Id say America…. Americans are more health concerned and nicer then the EU. In the EU their seems to be no concern for the youthful generations well being. Also None of the EU has better manners in comparison with America… But Germany tends to have the rudest people, and so they don’t even have smoking sections, so everyone else of their eating places haft to breath in smoke. Also America has a competitive free market…. Something that cost 20 dollars in the EU will price 5 dollars in America… This monetary distinction effects each sides way of life, Americans are a lot happier and belief each other extra, so much that Americans go away their doorways open to let Family and buddies come inside each time they need. In the EU everyone seems to be so poor that they don’t belief each other, This is also why many EU corporations are investing extra into America… They know Americans have more cash and extra money to simply spend on something.

I’m from America and I lived within the South of France for a pair years. It was actually great there. I would have favored to have stayed, but I did not have the correct education to have a means to stay comfortably. If you do not make a lot of money, life is definitely higher in France. French individuals don’t make some huge cash, however they’ll dwell a superb life. The cities in France are great they usually normally have a very beautiful sq.. There is a whole lot of culture within the cities and villages.