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Travel EuropeThere are quite a lot of definitions of nation”—an space of land, the whole land or space of a nation or state, land with farms and small cities, a rural region, the people of a nation or state, the land of a person’s delivery or citizenship.

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tn USA and have traveled America however not any other country yet. I would love to however not until I can afford it. Even although, I have not traveled to Europe or anyplace else, I wish to say just a few thing on the American’s behalf and a few of my own private opinions. Russia is in each Europe and Asia. The Ural Mountains separate the European facet of the country from the Asian aspect. Europe is bordered by the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. The Mediterranean Sea is one other large physique of water. Yes we like ice as a result of we’re including water right into a beverage that isn’t necessarily wholesome for the kidneys’ We are minizing the kidney harm. But I know higher then to order ice in Europe. The Volga River in Russia is the longest river in Europe. The tallest mountain is Mont Blanc, on the border between France and Italy.

Man, Americans are so satisfied of how good their life-style and nation is. I’ve been dwelling in America for a while now, and as a overseas student I can solely mention how retarded most Americans are. They’re satisfied that they know a lot about different nations and their values and traditions. The truth is that they know shit about it. I agree that Germany is a good place to dwell. It is certainly very democratic, numerous stunning locations and it’s a very nice lifestyle. I’m positive it compares very favourably to living within the UK in many ways.

Yes, Europe is extra beautiful, historic, and culturally diverse, but it has also been around and thriving a complete lot longer than America has. You’re from Europe. Of course you’d favor it. Europe is filled with lovely views and fascinating landmarks, however I’d take America any day. It is not called the best country on this planet for nothing. We do not put a variety of ice in our drinks. And truly even when we did it might be more healthy then simply drinking soda. Most individuals I know drink water and milk more than soda anyway.

I am all the time excited to return to Europe after which when my time is up there i’m all the time joyful to return house. I guess I love the range each continents have to supply. In Spain in tailor’s shops theye do greet you. But is was an odd expertise as a result of I had never had anybody offer to make me a costume by hand earlier than. I’m a European and the way I see the two continents is very completely different. I believe there are benefits and drawbacks about each of them and it just relies on everyone’s style. I imagine that visiting a country is different than residing there for ten years. You really can’t expertise a country for what it actually is till you’ve been there for greater than seven or so years. The fact that europe doesn’t poison their water supply like america does makes me want to dwell there. But after reading all these items about europe I want to stay there more now than ever!