Tourist Places in Puri that you shouldn’t miss!

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Puri – A Spiritual Town!

Puri is considered as the very spiritual capital of the Indian state of Odisha. The destination has emerged as one of the greatest pilgrimage destinations of the country. Along with great spiritual beliefs, the place has developed as a great tourist attraction where thousands of tourists gather every year in search of blessings and entertainment. The place is popular because of its historic importance, sanctuaries, moderate climate, natural charm and much more.

Situated near the Bay of Bengal, Puri is the coastal stretch having beaches that offer peace of mind and relaxation to the visitors. Also the destination has got itself registered in the world tourist map having the ancient Kalinga architecture and one of the religious Hindu Dham.

Places to visit in Puri

Shri Jagannath Puri Temple


One of the most majestic monuments of the country, Shri Jagannath Puri Temple holds a great place in the hearts of the people. King Indradyumna built this greatest of the architectures earlier in the 11th century as the pride of the country. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Vishnu. The destination is amongst the very spiritual Char Dham of the Hindus along with Rameshwaram, Dwarka and Badrinath.

Apart from the big shrine that cherishes blessings all over the place; little temples within the reach make the destination more like a God’s home, serving ultimate peace of mind to the visitors. The outstanding Oriya architecture of this temple is like icing done on the cake. Beautiful carvings done on the four doors make the structure look more attractive.

Puri Beach


Located on the coast line of the Bay of Bengal, the Puri beach is a great destination for tourists to have some pleasure. The beach is around thirty five kilometers from the holy Sun Temple and is one of the finest pleasure gateways for the travelers. Devotees also believe that the pristine water of the beach is suitable for taking a dip in the name of Lord Jagannath for getting some good blessings for the future.

A famous international sand artist, Sudarshan Patnaik has made the beach more popular amongst the tourists with his exceptional sand sculptures made on the coastline. The place is much suitable for spending some hours of pleasure and viewing sunrise and sunset scenery. The crystal clear water along with white sand make the place suitable for swimming and other adventures as well.

Chilika Lake


Having a fixed spot in the Puri tourist destination list, the very gorgeous Chilika Lake entertains tourists in huge numbers every year. The lake is the paradise on the globe for those who love bird watching and are fond of nature. It is the largest of the salt water ponds in the Asian continent. One can spend some good time here with friends and family and make memories of life time much close to nature. Some fabulous pictures can be taken at the location where nature makes the click even more special for the tourists.

Narendra Tank

One of the largest tanks in Odisha, Narendra tank is also a tourist attraction of the place. The tank was built in the earlier fifteenth century and now has emerged as an important attraction. The tank is considered as a holy one and is surrounded by small and big temples from many sides. This very attraction serves calmness to one’s mind and brings the feel of relaxation into the lap of nature.

How to reach Puri?

Puri is well situated on the coast line and is in good connection with other lands of the country. You can easily visit here by –

Air – One can get multiple flights from major cities of the country up to Bhubaneswar which is the nearest airport from the destination. The airport is situated around sixty kilometers from Puri and comfortable taxis and buses are available for completing the rest of the journey. Indigo, Go Air, Jet Airways etc. take passengers to Bhubaneswar from multiple sections of the country.


Train – The rail connectivity of Puri from other Indian cities is very comfortable as the destination has its own railway station taking passengers directly to Puri from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and others. Direct trains run most of the week days making transportation comfortable for the travelers to reach Puri.

Bus – There is also good connectivity between Puri and major cities of India. A systematic network of buses operates in between taking passengers to Puri with comfort and peace.

Accommodation in Puri –


Today, Puri has developed as a major holiday site in the country which is why all types of tourists can easily find comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices in this city. You can either rely on book Puri hotel online option or you can take a room on rent after reaching here. It is best to go for advance hotel bookings to reserve the best rooms during the peak seasons and to enjoy good discounts while you are looking forward to book Puri hotel for your vacations.  

Thus, Puri has everything from luxurious resorts to natural charm and from historical monuments to spiritual sites, etc, all of it, to make your vacations, pleasant, memorable and interesting.