Thai Airways meals – Review and information for passengers

I’ve flown many times with Thai Airways in economy class, and you can read more about those experiences here, here, and here. In April, I decided to visit some friends in Paris and Zurich, and Thai had some great airfares ex Melbourne. 


The crew on Thai are generally quite good, always smiling, welcoming and friendly. I don’t find their western food offerings very exciting; however, I will always order the local Thai dish, and I find they are always great tasting and authentic. 


On this 8.5-hour flight from Melbourne to Bangkok Thai provides two meal services, served on meal trays. (Many airlines are either removing or downsizing their second meal services on some flights)

For the first service, I selected the curry, which was delicious and served with smoked salmon and vegetable salad. The dessert was a chocolate mousse cake with a biscuit crumb. Some cheese and crackers were also provided. I think this was one of the best economy class meals I’ve eaten on Thai Airways. I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken curry, the rice was fluffy, and the quantity of food provided was more than adequate. 

The second meal was served about 1.5 hours before arrival. There was no choice for this meal service; everyone received chicken with beans and rice. The meal tray also included some pre-packaged fruit, a packet of almonds, and a cookie. While not as good as the first meal, the chicken dish was adequate, and I appreciate the airline offering a substantial meal for the second service. 


I continued my journey to Europe after a lengthy transit stop in Bangkok due to a delay. I was pretty tired when I found my seat but very happy to have an entire row of seats to myself. I skipped the first meal and went straight to bed for 6 hours. I then woke up and decided to go against my advice and order the western breakfast. The breakfast frittata with sausage, potatoes, broccoli, and tomato was delicious.