Prediction Tourism “Wellness” and Domestic Will Be Trends After the Pandemic

The Hong Kong Tourism Board predicts there are changes in habits and preferences of tourists while on vacation after the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) ends.

Hong Kong Tourism Board: Ada Tren Baru Pariwisata Usai Wabah ...

Chairperson of the Hong Kong Tourism Board YK Pang, in an official broadcast on Tuesday, said, “Globally, after this pandemic period is over, the tourism industry will find its new formula.”

He said tourists would place the condition of public health in the destination country as the top priority.

In addition, tourists will also have their own standards for the level of cleanliness in hotels, public facilities and transportation areas in the destination country.

“Later, tourists will prefer to travel short-range plans and wellness-themed tours become a new trend”

Wellness tourism, aka wellness tourism, is a special interest tour that aims to maintain the fitness of tourists.

After domestic tourism became the belle of tourists after the pandemic, only after that international travel was also predicted to recover.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board mapped out a strategy to move the tourism business again after the pandemic

The Muslim market is considered to be a potential for Hong Kong tourism, including tourists from Indonesia.

Hong Kong will later create a “Hong Kong Exploration” program aimed at Muslim consumers in the country to restore local tourism. Various Muslim-friendly tourist services will be developed to welcome Muslim tourists from all over the world.

Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board Dane Cheng explained, now it has drawn up a three-phase plan to revive tourism.

The first phase is currently an effort to prepare a tourism recovery plan.

In the second phase When the pandemic starts to subside, Hong Kong will focus on the local market to promote a positive atmosphere, encouraging more attraction as a tourist destination. Promotion was intensified so that foreign tourists interested in vacationing there.

In the third phase, the Hong Kong Tourism Board will launch a major event and a new tourism campaign program to rebuild its image.