New Zealand Has Beautiful Natural Scenery, As Follows

Four tours in New Zealand offer a lot of natural beauty and amazing scenery.

This country is located in the southwest region of the Pacific Ocean. It is divided into two islands, namely, the South Island and the North Island. The two islands are also separated by the Cook Strait and by several smaller islands. New Zealand has about 4 million people who are of European and Maori descent (Indigenous Maori).

For those of you who want to plan a vacation alone or with a new partner for their honeymoon, New Zealand can be one of the places you visit.

Here are the most beautiful tourist attractions in New Zealand and their reviews:

1. Lake Pukaki around the Alpine mountains

Lake Pukaki is a beautiful lake. This lake has very clear blue water and is complemented by lupine flowers and snow-capped Mount Cook in the background. So if you and your partner visit here, you will see three wonders at once, namely the clear blue lake, lupine flowers scattered along the lake, and Mount Cook covered in snow.

2. Lake Wanaka

New Zealand also has a lake that is no less stunning, namely Lake Wanaka. This lake is located on the south island of New Zealand, precisely in the Queenstown area. The lake that lies beneath the Alpine mountains is undeniably beautiful. Coupled with the mountains covered with white snow.


As the name suggests, paradise offers scenic beauty that will surprise and amaze you. The origin of the name Paradise is believed to be because of the beautiful scenery there; besides that, there is an opinion that the name Paradise is due to the many swans in Paradise.

4. Roys Peak

For those of you who like mountain climbing, Roys Peak is the answer. New Zealand has mountains that guarantee stunning natural views. Rosy Peak is located in the vicinity of Lake Wanaka. If you decide to climb to Roys Peak, don’t forget to enjoy every view while climbing, including Mount Aspiring, which will be clearly displayed.

5. Nugget Point Lighthouse

The beaches in New Zealand have never doubted their beauty. If you want to visit and enjoy the coast, Nugget Point Lighthouse is the answer. Nugget Point Lighthouse is a famous beautiful landscape. There is also a lighthouse that has become iconic at Nugget Point. At Nugget Point, you and your partner can enjoy the sunset while looking at the coast, which is home to marine animals that you will not find in Indonesia, such as yellow-eyed penguins, shearwater birds, seahorses, cormorants, and others.