How to Fly Like an Expert this Holiday Season According to the Experts

How to Fly Like an Expert this Holiday Season According to the Experts – ExpertFlyer Blog


Traveling during the holidays has always been hectic, but this year it may be even more so than usual. According to a survey conducted by global consulting firm, PwC, more people are planning to fly this holiday season than last year AND the year before. 

With 63% of millennials planning to fly and 46% of travelers overall, the airport is sure to be packed into the new year.  

But don’t panic! We’re here to help. We asked some of our favorite #ExpertFlyer‘s how they manage to stay calm during the most stressful travel season of the year, so you can fly like an expert amidst the holiday madness. 

Here’s what they shared… 

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1. “Leave plenty of time to get to the airport because if you miss your flights you could be stuck for days (depending on the destination).”

– Johnny Jet,, @johnnyjet


2. “Pack your patience! It’s easy for travelers to lose their cool. Don’t be one of them. Schedule extra time around your travels so that delays only mean extra time in the lounge and not missing time with your family.”

– Chris Hassan, Family Travel Writer for Upgraded Points@upgradedpoints


3. “Fly on earlier and later days than most people do to avoid the rush and book earlier flights so if your flight is cancelled there are more flight options later in the day.”

– Chris Lopinto, Founder of ExpertFlyer


4. “A small amount of research and planning goes a long way. Even something as simple as knowing how to efficiently get from one terminal to another can make the entire travel process so much smoother.”

– Mr. + Mrs. Parks, @adventure_parks


5. “Before you decide to book a roundtrip plane ticket for your holiday travels, be sure to first compare one-way ticket prices. Flying one airline to your destination and another airline on the way back can save you money and offer increased flexibility for flight times.”

– Amanda Exploring, @amanda.exploring


6. “Always travel with a back-up plan in case things go wrong. Whenever I book a flight, I’m always looking at my next-best alternative in case there are delays or cancellations to my original flight. Being prepared will pay dividends if you experience irregular operations.”

– Zach Griff, Sr. Reporter at The Points Guy, @zachgriff


7. “My best advice would be to get a travel credit card that covers TSA pre-check or CLEAR so that you can speed through those long security lines during the busiest travel time of the year!”

– Janelle on a Jet, @janelleonajet


8. “Consider getting a credit card with trip cancellation/delay insurance. With the increased number of cancelled and delayed flights this time of year, having a credit card that can reimburse you for any costs you may incur can give you peace of mind.”

– Ryan, @profitsandpoints


9. “Plan in advance! Pre-book parking and even your spot in the TSA line. Paying for bags in advance and even Wi-Fi- saves time and money!”

– Brian Kelly, Founder of @thepointsguy@briankelly


10. “Many airlines around the world now allow you to purchase priority at the airport, even if you don’t have status. If you want to avoid stress, this could definitely be a worthwhile investment. This is also a great time to prepare for upcoming trips by signing up for services like Clear, TSA pre-check, and Global Entry etc.”

– Nonstop Dan, @thenonstopdan


11. “Patience! We are all trying to get somewhere and you never know what the person opposite the counter from you is dealing with. So now, especially, lead with patience and kindness.”

– Nneya Richards, @nneya


12. “No matter if you’re checking luggage or using a carry-on, use AirTags! The airports are busy this time of year. AirTags give you the peace of mind to know where your bags are and can be super helpful if your bags get accidentally left behind!”

– Ginny + Drew, @thegrady_brunch


13. “If you must fly over the Christmas holiday, it’s best to do it on the 25th. Prices are better but even more important, the airports aren’t packed and strained to capacity. In general, if you can avoid doing what the masses are doing you’ll have fewer problems.”

– Tim Leffel, Award Winning Travel Writer for


14. “To help survive the hectic holiday travel season, be strategic when booking your flights to minimize chances for flight disruptions. Try to book earlier flights as IRROPS (irregular operations) can accumulate and impact flight schedules as the day progresses, and if you are departing a cold-weather airport and have a connection, ensure that connection has a bit of buffer – deicing always takes longer than airlines seem to plan for!”

– Michelle Gonzaléz, @laxtoluxury


The holidays should be filled with joy not stress, so be sure to use these pro tips to help make traveling this holiday season as seamless as possible. And don’t forget that a little planning and some patience can go a long way!


Happy Holidays + Safe Travels!


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