How to Find The Right DWI Defense Lawyer

DWI or DUI Defense lawyers who practice within the legal jurisdiction of the state that the charged crime happened are often experienced and skilled in the field of drunk-driving law. DWI/ DUff charge cases are incredibly complex. They often result in significant prison time, hefty fines, vehicle modification/restoration, community service, and drug/alcohol programs for the offender. Many times, innocent people are caught up in the web of a drunk-driving conviction. While no one deserves to be in jail for having a few drinks, many people are not innocent. Drunk-driving beliefs are most commonly associated with repeat offenders and crime victims.

DWI Charges

As more states begin to enact stiffer penalties for DUI and DWI charges, qualified Houston DWI defense attorney clients who cannot afford expensive private attorney fees turn to the public defenders’ offices for help. In Texas, all law offices are required by state law to provide indigent defense lawyers to those eligible for free or reduced fees under the Texas Pro Bono Bar Association. Although the state may pay for part of the attorney’s fees, the remainder is expected to come from fees collected from DWI/DUI defendants. The state provides compensation to eligible persons who have been accused of crimes related to DWI and who need professional legal assistance to defend against these charges.

An essential advantage of working with a public defender is the availability of state-funded defensive counsel. Often, suppose a person’s case goes to trial without a successful outcome. In that case, they will lose their legal rights, and their constitutional rights will be restored after a deadlock is reached. In these circumstances, you must retain a competent Houston DWI defense attorney to represent your case so that you have the best possible chances of keeping your rights and fighting back. A skilled attorney will also know how to defeat a motion to dismiss given to someone who has been arrested for a DWI offense. A successful motion to dismiss can have severe consequences for the defendant when it comes time to get a trial.

DWI Defense Lawyers

DWI defense lawyers should not be confused with traffic attorneys, who usually handle drunk driving cases. DWI means “driving while intoxicated,” while a traffic violation is “leading to death or injury.” Suppose you have been charged with a DWI or a DUI. In that case, you should first consult a houston dwi defense lawyer to assess your case and determine whether you have a good chance of defending yourself against these charges. Typically, a defendant charged with a DWI will be arrested, given a Breath Alcohol Test (BAC) at the police station, fingerprinting, and more. They will then be booked into the county jail and be held overnight or until they are found guilty. If the attorney does not believe that your case has a chance to win in court, he will not help you.

DWI crimes are punished by stiff penalties such as fines, probation, community service, license suspension, jail time, loss of driver’s license, drug rehabilitation programs, substance abuse programs, alcohol classes, DUI school, counseling more. A DWI conviction can affect your ability to get a new job, an apartment, or a car. Your criminal defense lawyer can work on your behalf to get the charges against you dropped or dismissed by using his knowledge of state laws, as well as his expertise in the law and the facts of your case.

In New York, unlike many other states, the penalties for second drunken driving offenses are much more severe than the penalties for first offenses. For example, first-time offenders can receive up to one year in jail, fines of up to $1000, or both. Suppose you were caught drunk driving in another state. In that case, penalties could include jail time, fines, programs, counseling, drug rehabilitation, alcohol classes, or a combination of these. Suppose you have a prior drunk driving conviction. In that case, you must hire an experienced DWI lawyer to fight for your freedom and the penalties that you are facing.