Best US States to Travel During CoronaVirus for a Countryside Getaway Vacation

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I have always had a thing for countryside vacations. All the vacations I have planned, if it was not located in the province, then it just had some bit of a countryside setting or vibes.

People enjoy the relaxing feel that rural/farmland/woodlands give. If you are someone like us and you’d like your next vacation to be somewhere in the countryside of the USA, then this article is for you.

1.  Tennessee

There is no better way to top my list than with the home country music itself. This is a state flourishing with great culture and activities.

Tennessee is regarded as the home of country music, or rather the state where country music was born. You will not be disappointed when you take your first step into this gorgeous state.

It has a nice beautiful countryside setting, with historic buildings being highly maintained to retain its culture.

2.  Virginia

I don’t know about you but each time imagine a rural setting, what I see is a beautiful green ranch and hills. Virginia is just the right fit for anyone wanting to go for a few day vacations or even make a permanent relocation to the countryside.

3.  Utah

Another great state that is good for a countryside vacation in Utah. It offers quite a variety of scenery, with some of them attracting lots of international tourists.

One other place to take a nice walk or hike in the beautiful mountains near Salt Lake City. Camping here for a few days or getting a nice Airbnb can be such a great idea as most of these sites are located in proximity to each other.

You can take a good hike at the East Canyon or a stroll at the many parks in Utah.

4.  Texas

There is no better suggestion to top my list other than Texas. Also known as the Lone Star state, Texas is one of the best spots for a countryside vacation.

While it might be confusing because of its large population in the three main cities, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, the other side of Texas is pretty rural and perfect for a nice vacation.

Taking adventurous road trips across the West of Texas, the view of the beautiful mountain ranges, and many more. One thing I also love about Texas is the historic Palo Duro Canyon State Park great for horseback riding and the stunning views.

5.  Illinois

Lastly, Illinois is one of the most beautiful states in America. There are lots of activities that you can do in this beautiful state. Mentioning a few, you can take a nice adventure to the waterfalls at Starved Rock State Park, or take on a nice road trip at the Great River Road.

Want a better trip?

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