Aegean Airlines – Inflight meals

Aegean are still one of my favourite airlines to travel with in Europe. The crew are consistently genuine, happy and proud to deliver a typically Greek hospitality experience. Since November 2021 I have flown with the airline several times including:

August 2022

Corfu to Paris

November 2021

Paris to Athens

November 2021

Athens to London

The inflight service is slightly different to pre covid-19 times. In business class, the crew delivers one meal tray, which includes the starter, main, and dessert; previously, each course was served separately. In economy class, snack boxes are offered, including a small sandwich and sweet.

The airline has maintained a level of service in business class, but economy class has certainly seen drastic cuts.

Aegean airlines will introduce a new service on October 6th, and we will see the return of hot snacks in economy class. Expect hot cheese pies for breakfast and an all-day pizza option. However, there is no mention of the hot meals returning that were once served in economy class.


After my first summer in Greece in almost three years, it was time to leave and head to France. Aegean offered a direct flight from Corfu, so selecting this flight was a no-brainer.

The airline has opened a very small base in Paris, with crew overnighting in Paris and operating flights to Greece from France. Catering for my flight was provisioned in Paris.

Before departure, I was offered juice or water. No inflight menus were offered, and there was a choice of chicken or fish. I was offered an aperitif, and soon after, my tray arrived.

The main meal was chicken breast with edamame, rice, and cherry tomatoes. The side salad consisted of asparagus, pomegranate, cucumber, and tomato. The chicken dish seemed smaller than some of my previous meal experiences, and there were minor inconsistencies, but it’s to be expected as the catering is loaded in Paris.

I had no complaints about the meal or salad; it was excellent, not as good as the food catered ex Athens, but still a decent offering. Traditional Greek products that are typically standard (such as Navarino Icons oil, Greek cheese, and dessert) were not offered on this flight.

aegean airlines business class inflight meal

I asked the crew if I could look at what was offered in economy class and they offered to show me the snack box currently offered.


This was my first experience with Aegean since the pandemic began. Twenty minutes after take-off, an inflight menu was offered by hand by the cabin crew.

The two hot meal choices included chicken or beef, and I opted for the chicken option. I received my meal tray about 55 minutes after taking off.

I drenched my Greek salad with the Navarino Icons provided Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. This product comes from the region of Peloponnese, and the company has been awarded more than 24 awards for its authentic Greek products.

The meal tray also included Graviera cheese from the Island of Crete and San Michail Cheese from Syros. Both are superb quality products that complimented an authentic Greek meal experience inflight.

I generally enjoy the main meals offered on Aegean, and this meal was perfect. The chicken was tender and delicious, and the quinoa was an exciting alternative to rice or pasta.

Finally, the Stelios Parliaros Tart with Cream of Tahini was scrumptious for dessert.  Once the main meal service was completed, the crew offered tea, coffee, and chocolates.


Several days later, I flew from Athens to London in business class, although I had a slightly different experience this time. The service on this flight followed the same pattern as the previous flight; however, the crew on this flight was not as hospitable and friendly.

Inflight meals were created by Executive Chef Christoforos Peskias and included an appetiser of a seed salad with quinoa, rice, pine nuts, cranberry, and pomegranate. Cheese from Crete and Naxos and a milk chocolate biscuit dessert.

Main meals included a choice of chicken or fish. I opted for the chicken, but it was served stone cold, the replacement meal wasn’t any better, so the crew offered me the fish option. The meal consisted of sea bream with celeriac and potato mash, cherry tomato confit, and asparagus with lemon and olive oil.

It was served piping hot; I loved it and enjoyed smothering the potato mash all over my bread. I completed my meal with a coffee and chocolate.

Aegean has once again won the ‘Best Regional Airline’ in Europe for the 12th time in a row! Keep up the great work.