3 Things That Make People Afraid Of Travelling

So many of us want to go on a vacation and visit the incredible sights we see on television and the internet. We begin the planning in our heads, map out the entire journey, the hotel we would stay, where we eat, what clothes to pack and wear, where we would go, among other things, but that is where it stops: in our heads. We never bring any of these plans to fruition. Why? Because we are most afraid and fearful of what can happen on these journeys.

Is it okay to be afraid? Yes, but there are so many magnificent sights to see on the road that it will be a waste to sit at home and not go. Check out Britainreviews.co.uk for reviews on the different travel agencies in Europe. That said, let’s explore a few of the reasons why we sometimes get afraid of travelling anywhere. Remember, you can also keep safe if you check travel insurance and protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.

Possible reasons that make you fear to travel

The fear of the unknown is normal, even wise, but what is abnormal is you allowing fear to eat you up, not to achieve your beautiful dreams. Some reasons why you might fear to travel to these are;

1.  You are afraid to leave your comfort zone

Often, the idea of a vacation or travelling comes up, and you find “logical excuses” why you shouldn’t go. Understandably, you have kids, have got many errands to run, a strenuous job, among many other things, but you can work around all of these reasons. The primary reason you give all of these reasons is that you do not want to leave your comfort zone.

Perhaps, you do not  if you aren’t there or because you are most comfortable at home. It’s better to put this fear behindtrust that things will be fine you. What is the worst thing that could happen while you are away? Think about everything and write down the solutions. Talk to yourself about it and put those things in place that will prevent such scenarios. Only focus on the positives, and you will find yourself stepping out of your cocoon in no time.

2.  You are afraid of the unknown

When you begin to dwell on the negatives, you get anxious and tensed. You begin to cook up scenarios in your head and support it with the maxim, ‘the impossibility of impossibility, everything is possible.’ Unnecessary questions filter through your mind, and before you know it, you are sitting on your couch, eating some snack in your underwear, refusing to go for that vacation.

To help with this, you should research your desired location well enough. It is best to create a detailed itinerary, find places you want to visit, pick out your food now, among all other things. The trick is to make yourself feel in control of every aspect of the trip.

3.  You are afraid of having a bad experience

Yes, you can get robbed abroad. You can be involved in an accident, and yes, you can come close to death on these occasions. However, you can also encounter none of these scenarios. In actuality, they rarely occur. Try to calm yourself down and focus only on the positives of the trip.

Bad experiences are normal; they help us learn and grow. You should not be hindered by it. You should learn from it and grow to be a better person. So, are you afraid of having a bad experience while you are on your trip? If yes, try to calm down and focus on the good experiences that are your most probable lot. If no, well then, enjoy your holiday.