Redneck Honeymoon Locations

HoneymoonDon’t neglect your airplane tickets, rental automotive confirmation numbers, maps, and many others. – all those issues that you’ll have to get the place you’re going, and to get round whenever you get there.

Darjeeling is famous for its stunning tea plantations, high mountains, image perfect valleys and also inexperienced botanical gardens. The marvelous land of Darjeeling may very well be the perfect spot to have an exquisite honeymoon trip. Actually, it’s wonderful hills, toy train, good Buddhist monasteries attracts many newly-married married couples to spend their most valuable vacation days. Riveting white sand seaside with wealthy underwater life is creating the proper surroundings for a greatest honeymoon place which is sort of enticing for newlywed married couples. This is a reputation of a good looking lake where many couples come to make their honeymoon becomes romantic and unforgettable. locations frequented like Naini Lake, Naina Devi Tample, Cave Garden, Snow … Read more

Reasons To Visit Chiang Mai

The provincial capital of Chiang Mai and the second largest city in Thailand is Chiang Mai, which is also the largest metropolitan city in northern Thailand. The city has stunning old temples, elegant festive celebrations, local culture, and several places of adventure. Two tribal communities can be found in this spectacular mountainous area, which is also home to many incredible natural treasures.

Chiang Mai is one of the best travel destinations worth visiting in your life, and you can see why below:


There are 300+ temples in Chiang Mai featuring stunning architectural designs. The city’s temples are beautifully decorated as they serve as centers of religious worship and cultural and communal research. They mostly have snake-lined staircases and gold-plated stupas in their designs. The dominant kingdoms for centuries were meant to be represented by temples.

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Traveling to Hong Kong: Updated Rules & Restrictions

Hong Kong has finally lifted the requirement for mandatory hotel quarantine for all visitors. If you’re planning a trip there soon, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Read on for our guide to traveling to Hong Kong from 26 September.

Hong Kong —a favorite destination among travelers worldwide — is one of the slower and more cautious cities to welcome back travelers. However, the moment the world has been waiting for has finally arrived: travelers can once again visit Hong Kong, without the requirement to quarantine in a hotel. Yes, you read that right! After a long hiatus of two years, Hong Kong has finally eliminated its mandatory three-day hotel quarantine. In addition, Hong Kong is also easing testing rules, thereby ending one of the world’s last strict pandemic-era travel quarantine measures. The lifting of Hong Kong travel restrictions will surely bring many visitors to the

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Traveling the country after the Queen’s death, I’ve caught a glimpse of the post-Elizabethan age | John Harris

“It’s very sad, how she’s passed away,” said Tina. “She did so much. She was the longest-reigning person who ever had the crown. And now she’s not here, there’s a big loss in the world. She brought us together, I think.”

We were in Milton Keynes, the new town that was granted city status to mark the Queen’s recent platinum jubilee. We chatted outside the council house Tina has lived in for more than a decade: the kind of modernist home, looking out on green space, that once brought droves of people to a place conceived in the last big burst of postwar optimism. But the Netherfield estate now looks noticeably rundown and unloved, and the details of people’s lives are often of a piece.

Tina’s is no exception. She and her husband, both grandparents, depend on disability benefits. With bills and prices rocketing, she is getting ready for

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Andrey Kurkov: from novelist to Ukraine’s traveling spokesman | Andrey Kurkov

In his new book, a version of the diary he has been writing since Russia invaded his country last February, the Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov writes, among other things, of soup. It is July and on the cultural front, where fighting with Russia has also been “very active”, there is at last good news for Ukraine: Unesco has just registered the culture of Ukrainian borscht as part of its intangible heritage. Kurkov, like the rest of his countrymen and women, is thrilled. Apparently, the world disagrees with Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry, who has repeatedly tried to defend Russian borscht from the “encroachment of Ukrainian nationalists”.

Kurkov is a good cook and on the night of 23 February, it was ruby-colored borscht, made from beetroot and garnished with sour cream and dill, that he was preparing for a group of visiting journalists at his apartment

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