5 most romantic places in Italy

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Italy is one of the European countries that has been famous as a romantic tourist destination. That is very suitable to be visited with your lover.  And also a city that is suitable for honeymooners. The country which is one of the superpower countries in the world . Its famous for having millions of romantic places.  There are 5 places in Italy that are suitable to be called the best. And most romantic spots among the others. Here is a list of the 5 most romantic places in Italy that must be visited with your lover.

  1. Lake Como

Long before George Clooney decided to call Lake Como his favorite place. Many people had said that Lake Como was the most beautiful place ever in Italy.  Sparkling water and lakefront villas make the atmosphere of this place very suitable for love.

Lake Como is a place that must be visited by all lovers in the world. Establishing a love relationship at a place as beautiful . Lake Como is an experience that will never be forgotten throughout life.

  1. Amalfi Coast

 The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful coastline that extends 50 km south of Italy. This place has become a favorite place for most people to  place to knit love together with loved ones.

Despite being on the beach, people can still enjoy the beautiful vineyards of Amalfi Coast. Lemon forests and olive trees complement the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Tuscany

If you have ever traveled to Tuscany, then you will realize why many painters who take Tuscany objects become their painting material. The city of Florence which became the capital of Tuscany is consider a symbol of the jewel of the crown by many. The romantic atmosphere in this place is truly natural as it is.

A charming city, rich in art, and also has an interesting history, making people who have visited this city want to come back again. A romantic place that will lasting in memory.

  1. Rome

Rome is the busiest famous city in Italy. This is not surprising because Rome has become a tourist destination long ago. Rome is famous  city of art, unique architecture, and interesting history, making many people flock to visit this beautiful city.

Located close to Almafi Coast makes you have many choices to spend time alone with a girlfriend. No matter what part of Rome, spending time with lovers in this city will be an unforgettable experience.

  1. Venice

The most beautiful city in Italy and also the most romantic city in the world is a city that is suitable to visit .  The winding canal, gondola, and narrow road, is a very suitable location to spend time together with a beloved lover.

Even at night, together with your lover, you can enjoy the taste of Italian restaurants. Romantic atmosphere also doesn’t escape if you enter this restaurant.