iPhone users marvel as little-known travel hack goes viral

This little-known iPhone hack is a game changer for travelers and it’s as simple as sending a text message.

The hack lets people track flights through their iPhone’s messaging app and provides all the details you would want your loved ones to know about.

The iPhone travel hack was shared a few months back on TikTok by @live_thedash, or Jade and Ryan, the couple behind the dedicated travel account.

In the video, Jade explains all you need is the name of the airline you’re traveling with and the flight number. You simply put those two things into a text message and send it off.

Screenshots from a Tiktok video showing an iPhone hack that allows you to simply share travel details.  Source: TikTok/live_thedash

This iPhone travel hack is so simple, yet so handy. Source: TikTok/live_thedash

The flight number will then become a link that allows both you and the person you sent the message, to track the flight in real-time.

The flight details will also specify if the flight is running late, the duration of the flight, and even what terminal it will be arriving at and where they can collect their baggage.

There’s even a map that shows where the plane is in the air.

The hack really is that simple, and it means your loved ones will know when you have arrived at your destination safely, or no one is rushing to pick up a returning traveler from the airport.

It does work for Australian airlines such as Virgin Australia, Qantas and Jetstar. However, the feature does not seem to work on Android phones.

Many people had no idea about the trick until the couple made the video back in May.

Someone did point out you could just use Google to find flight information. Most airports also allow you to see international and domestic departures and arrivals.

There’s no shortage of good travel hacks floating around on the internet. One woman managed to find her missing luggage using another Apple product.

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