Air Canada – Economy Class Meals

air canada economy class hot meal

Earlier this month, I flew from Paris to Los Angeles (via Montreal) with Air Canada to experience their international and North American inflight service.  Meals are complimentary on long-haul flights; however, on North American and Caribbean flights, you can purchase items from their Bistro inflight meal program. There is more information on that right here.

My experience began at Paris CDG airport at the airlines’ Maple Leaf Lounge (I had access with my Star Alliance Gold level). The lounge has seen better days but offers adequate food and drink options at various stations. 

AC 871 departed Paris at 1430 with a flight time of 7 hours. This flight included two complimentary meal services; the first was the main meal offering, and the second was a small snack service.  About 15 mins after takeoff, the crew began the

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Malaysia Airlines Business Class Experience

During the last month, I have flown Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne in business class and on a separate trip from Bali to Manila via KL in economy class. This flight from KL was part of a trip from Paris to Melbourne with Oman Air. 

Highlights included the delicious satay service, amazing cabin crew, and many food choices. Did I mention the satay?

In early November, I flew on MH 149, a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne, taking 7hr and 45min on their A330 aircraft.

As soon as I reached my seat, I noticed the amenity kit and inflight menu. 


I was offered a hot towel and a choice of drinks before taking off. 


As this was a night flight, the airline offered a dine-anytime supper service followed by a complete breakfast offering. 

I was seated in

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Malaysia Airlines Economy Class Experience

My flight from Denpasar Airport to KL would take 2hr 55mins on the airlines’ A330 aircraft. Overall the flight wasn’t special, and the cabin crew was a little standoffish and hardly conversed with passengers.

About 15 mins after taking off, the crew began delivering the special meals by hand. A set of crew worked from the rear of the aircraft and met their colleagues halfway in the cabin. Once the food was delivered, a beverage cart followed behind.

Note that Malaysia Airlines does not offer alcohol on flights within three hours of Kuala Lumpur.

25 mins after taking off, I was offered a meal.

Surprisingly there were two choices offered, chicken or fish.

I opted for the chicken, which was quite good. It was served in a box containing a packet of nuts, a water bottle, and eco-friendly cutlery.

About 45

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What to Consider Before Going on a Camping Trip

Camping trips are a great way to reconnect with nature, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and create lasting memories with friends and family. However, before embarking on your outdoor adventure, there are several essential factors to consider to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and successful camping experience. From planning and preparation to equipment and safety, this article will guide you through the critical considerations before going on a camping trip.

1. Destination and Research

Selecting the right camping destination is crucial to the success of your trip. Consider factors such as the distance from your home, the terrain, weather conditions during your planned dates, available amenities (if you prefer more comfort), and any specific activities you wish to engage in, like hiking, fishing, or birdwatching. Research the location thoroughly, looking into camping regulations, permits, and any recent updates on trail closures or wildlife activity.

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Saudia Airlines -Business Class – Experience 2023

I recently flew with Saudia from Manila to Amsterdam via Jeddah in business class. I was unsure what to expect, but it was a fantastic experience. I was able to experience the new service on the Amsterdam flight and the old service from Manila which will be phased out soon.

My only issue during the trip was part of the ground experience at Jeddah airport. The cleanliness of the showers at their lounge in Jeddah left a lot to be desired. However, the lounge was quite impressive.

Overall, it was a great experience; it exceeded my expectations. It felt like flying on a small boutique airline that has carefully curated its new inflight experience. The crew was excellent on both flights, and I would like to send a big shout-out to Tania on my flight from Jeddah to Amsterdam. She was so

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